Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dinner with pals at Paradise Dynasty

It's once again the time of the year for get together with friends we haven't been able to meet as much as we love to :)

This gathering was for my Stomp friends! Liz brought her good friend Karin along to dinner as well.

Dinner was at Paradise Dynasty. They were recently made popular by their pretty color Xiao Long Bao restaurant in Ion . Food there is similar to our favorite Crystal Jade XLB.

The entrance is comparatively tiny to the other restaurants on the same level. But once you walk in, you will be amazed by the opulence of the decor :)

Nice setting I would say...
it never fails to over decorate lol


Here's our food :)

This is a Sichuan dish..yummy!

This dish consists of 3 kinds of eggs
Thumbs up!

oops.forgot what soup this is

My Spicy and Sour soup

Cold noodles

Fatty pork :P

Wanton Soup

Ask for the special gong fu cha...
some of my friends insisted on having
him to pour our tea :P

We ordered some sweet stuff too

Pumpkin sweet treat

red bean pancake

Took some Xmas photos

It was time well spent whenever we meet.. :)

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