Friday, December 31, 2010

Pre Christmas with the ladies @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

Christmas 2010 ( 1)

Had a gift exchange & coffee session with the ladies at Fullerton Bay Hotel lobby lounge- The Landing Point Fullerton Bay Hotel

A friend posted photos of this place on Facebook and I thought it would make the perfect place to just chill out and take photos! It was very quiet when we were there few weeks ago :)

Let the pictures do the talkin :D

A very long bar

Plush chair and posh posh settings

Me and my presents
from Ruth & Chrissy

There was hardly anyone :D

It overlooks MBS

This furry shawl is Liz' gift to me :)

Tang Sisters :D

Ruth and my gift for her

I have been making cards for close friends
ever since secondary school days...
And of coz I have also made a few for Christine..

This is the first time she handmade one for her close friends is the one she made for me!!
Yeah! :)

Thanks Chrissy for
the lovely gifts :)

Totally <3 this earring
from Ruth :D


Entrance to the hotel..
It's the same entrance to
On the bund restaurant

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