Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunday Lunch -- Cedele

Sunday Lunch

Cedele ( Wheelock Place )

It may sound far fetching for some of you, but I actually joined my aunt twice for church in the past month. It was good progress (in my humble opinion ) . So yeah, from 10am to noon, I was seated in the hall , listening to a sermon in mandarin( was suppose to be english session, but there was a guest speaker) . I am not sure how often will I be attending..and I can't promise that I will be seated there at 10am every Sunday :P

Anyway, my dear ah boy cousin Weijie was famished after service so we sped off in his car , heading towards Wheelock Place for lunch.

10 Oct
Sunday Lunch

Cedele ( Wheelock Place )

Love the free flow of bread

Best eaten with balsamic vinegar
* of coz i know..i can't eat too much of it*

This is my lunch
Chicken n mushroom soup
* Aunt commented it's alike to
soto ayam -_-'' *

Cedele has whole day breakfast..
so now you can wake up at any hour
of the day and still get to eat breakfast

Weijie just wanted to savour those scrambled egss

Salmon resting on
a carrot & potato patty

Aunt's lunch...

Kinda strange choice for a drink...
but it's light n healthy

Longan & wolfberries

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