Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lunch @ Chef Daniel's Kitchen

1 Oct 2010 F.r.i.d.a.y

1 Pm

Iluma- Level 7 Chef Daniel's Kitchen

Crowd is expected if you are there
around 1pm

Set lunch
@ $10.50 nett
( soup, main course & dessert)

I went for lunch at Chef Daniel's with my aunt

Choose from a variety of main courses
Very diverse choices
There's ang moh food, japanese food
got burger, got udon :P too

What a pity..
the crabmeat n prawn burger
was out that day...

No choice of soup..

it was cabbage soup that day

With my diet restriction..
i went for the

Irish Stew

The meat was tender enough and
the carrots n potato were not too mushy

My aunt opted for
something safe

Terikyaki chicken don
* I like the sauce hehe *

You can add $2 to the meal &
choose either soft drink , coffee or tea

I couldn't and didn't want to drink
any of those

So here's our dragon pearl tea
* kinda salah.. eating stew &
sipping chinese tea *

I love places with high ceiling
* aunt took this pic..*
not bad..
iphone camera is user friendly

Here's the dessert!!
Lychee mousse cake!
Lovely... not too sweet

View from the 7th floor

I was quite unhappy with the waiting time of my main course that day. I had to remind the serving staff twice for my meal. I was made angrier when I saw the table in front of us being served their mains when they arrived much later than us. Other than this * what i considered big boo boo* mistake, food wise for $10.50 it was decent and worth trying...value for money..

PS: there is set dinner too... $28 * i think *

* all the photos above were taken with Iphone 4 , simple editing of lighting has been done*

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