Friday, October 15, 2010

The One who tried Wheat Baumchuken @ TPY

There is this stretch of stalls/shops which has many yummy food to offer just behind the retail outlets at Toa Payoh Central ( Opp. HDB Hub) . The duck rice is popular among office workers, and of coz that's where my fav.porridge is too. It is during one of my lone dinner at the Tiong Bahru Porridge shop did I notice that there is a new cafe just next to it.

This cake cafe has been for awhile in Toa Payoh .. I ventured pass this place on a few occasions and had wanted to buy a slice once..sadly, the servers were too "busy'' to be bothered with I left empty handed.

Just last week, my friend Wei ting passed me a coupon to this cafe ( 10% discount on purchase of $10 )..So I decided to give this place a try again.

It was a better experience this time. The girl at the counter was friendly and even commented that my purse was cute :P

Here's my selection ..

Valrhona chocolate Baumkuchen
( literally, it means tree cake or log cake)
* $4.20*

Here's a bit on this cake...

A typical Baumchuken is made up of 15-20 layers of batter. To achieve the tree rings effect, thin layers of batter are brushed evenly onto a spit and allowed to bake until golden. This process is repeated numerous times. The rings symbolise longevity and prosperity

can you see the layers....?

Baumchuken originated from Germany...thou it is highly disputed who made the first Baumkuchen and where it was first baked. One theory is that it was invented in the German town of Salzwdel which is further popularized by the town itself. Another theory suggests it began as a Hungarian wedding cake, although given its German name this is doubtful.

The layer of chocolate on top adds on to the flavor! It isn't too sweet and u can taste the layers too.. It must have been a tedious job working on the layers one after another. It is almost like Kueh Lapis..just not so oily! :D Plus it is healthier.. coz it's made of wheat! :)

I tried another flavor.. this time round plain without any toppings..

This is the plain green tea one.
( $3.80)

It's not oily
but we kinda found it to be a tad too dry..
I love the matcha taste n there is a slight bitter tea
after taste.. not bad ..just too dry..

Here's their environmental
friendly plastic bag...

For more info...

They are also on facebook..

Wheat Baumkuchen
Blk 190, HDB Hub, Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 310190
( next to HDB Hub, located behind Watsons and Bossini stores)
Tel: 6356 5529
Open: Mon to Sun, 9am to 9pm

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