Monday, October 18, 2010

The One who visited the former Supreme Court

The former supreme court and high court has been slated to under go major renvo. and it will be turned into the National Art Gallery . There will be restaurants and cafes too..I once worked as a entry personnel in the high court ( after my A levels) keying in data ranging from notorious cases to traffic police fines.. I spent many fun wonderful months behind the steps of the city hall and heard all kinds of stories from the judges' secretaries and police :)

Wei ting joined me for a guided tour round the two former court houses and we were brought to places once unknown to you or me. This open house has greatly enlighten us.

The first stop for our guided tour...

A visit to the holding grounds....

this is the place that greeted alleged criminals when they were
first brought over from the prisons to the high courts for their cases to be heard

Step right in..

High ceilings..
I believe the prison vehicles were parked
here while waiting for the criminals in court

They were brought to holding cells to wait for their turn..

behind bars
* touch wood*

Extorior of the cell
notice the water closet is located outside
this is done so that the inmates would
not harm themselves..

Notorious murderers were
once kept here..
Toa Payoh child killer Adrian Lim as well
as Anthony Ler were locked up here once..

There were 10 male cells and 2 female cells
Hahah.. so men were the more evil ones? :P

Two of these cells will be preserved in the Art Gallery in the future :)

Once it was time for their hearing,
the inmates were led thru some passage
and made their way into the court rooms
via these 'trap doors'

How cool is that!
This steps and door led the inmates
to the dock..

At the witnesses' stand

Tell no lies..

We also toured the
Rotunda Library

It was converted to a police post/ security area
when the collection in the library grew too big for this space

Security monitors in the police post..

stair case leading to the
upper level of the library

Air con in the 80s to 90s!
My secondary school has the same air con too


The old Supreme court
was opened in 1939..

The tiles were partly made of rubber..
This building was built in the period of
The great depression.. there were limited they have to think of ways to make
it look grand and yet cost saving...

The old and the new

City Hall Chambers
* where the treaty was signed*

Love the details..


This was taken many moons ago :)
* I think I actually climbed over those gates :P *

Pre Marina Bay Sands days...

The Milo van!
Help yourselves to free flow of Milo goodness :)

we had two cups each
* burp*

* I shall stop here now..
more photos are being uploaded to facebook..*

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