Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The One who celebrated Chrissy's Birthday!

There I was wondering why Christine didn't msg me about her birthday eve dinner plans. So I eventually asked if we are meeting that evening. My poor friend was all along at home down with a bad case of food poisoning.

So if she can't go out, I will go to her :P It's her birthday eve after all. So after travelling 542 miles, I arrived at Sembawang ( okay just kidding, Sembawang is not that far.. )

I know how terrible it must have been to be sick not to mention on a happy occasion. So the plan was to head out for a quick meal and then back again to count down to her birthday :)

After a 5 min drive, we arrived at our dinner venue~

Quite secluded ..a nice 'getaway'

it's very near the sea :)

Hungry! Food was good

Very nice fish steamboat

Look at the flame

Thankfully Chris recovered well
and she managed to enjoy the food

It was back home after dinner...

Marie kinda 'tricked' Chris saying that
she wouldn't be able to show up..

but she did! with a slice of cake hehe..

We were making a hell lot of noise in the room...

Some of the things I gave her :)

Thanks dear friend for always being there for me..

Happy Birthday!

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