Sunday, October 24, 2010

Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品

I am thankful that mango isn't one of those food items that I can't eat! Yes, I can consume mangos! but of coz not too much either.. these days too much of something ( be it a place.. a dressing style.. you name it.. just makes me sick) .

So I was happy to see Honeymoon Dessert opening a new outlet at Bugis Junction :D I love love love mango desserts and this chain hails from Hong Kong and I heard it is quite popular over there.

I only managed to try the desserts last week with Chris while shopping at Somerset 313. Yes, they just open a new branch there too.. on the 4th level.

After the first try out with Chrissy, I suggested going to the bugis outlet with Jandy and Irene just last Saturday! The desserts are just yummy :D

Here's what I have tasted so far :) As usual there are the thumbs up ones..and the thumbs down ones...

Chrissy and I ordered 3 items.

Sesame & Walnut paste
Wholesome goodness..
Thumbs up!

mango sago
generous serving of mango :)
Thumbs up ~

Durian pancake ..

This piece cost us $4.50!
Too expensive.. too much cream
too little durian..
Thumbs down! :(


Here are the 3 items shared with Jandy & Irene

( they are having a promotion now... every two mango dessert ordered will get a free mango pudding or mango pancake..

mango sago pomelo


Refreshing ! Thumbs up!

This is suppose to be
one of their popular item...
there's banana, attap seed, mango
& longan

All three of us found it so so..
nothing special really...

This is our free mango pudding..
quite nice.. thumbs up!

I will go back for more mango sago!

-- bugis junction
-- somerset 313
-- vivocity

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