Saturday, October 23, 2010

The one who watched The Social Network

Thanks to Mus my friend, I watched the preview of 'The Social Network' 1 weeks ago.

Where have you been if you have not heard about the supposedly 'facebook' movie?

Do you know how did Facebook started, and who is the founder? This is the movie for you if you are a great supporter of this social networking site. I mean , you spend so many waking hours on the site and yet , you know nothing about the how it got started and the story behind it..and how you are contributing to this person's wealth. :P

This movie isn't really about facebook. It's about the founder ,Mark Zuckerberg, about how he strike when the iron is hot...and how he 'made used' of certain information and how fragile friendship can be in this day and age. Being the youngest billionaire at age 23 ( yr 2007), he really did make it big with Facebook. How will he or Facebook fare in the years to come is still anybody's guess.

I enjoyed the movie even though it was mostly conversational. My after thoughts .. hmm..the new social media is here to stay, like it or not.

pss.. i kinda like the actor who played the role of Mark... alittle geeky and nerdy.. :P i like guys with brains

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