Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An afternoon at L'oreal & Reebonz Event

Venue - Alcova ( Market Street)

L'oreal & Reebonz Event

I bought a lunch cum new product launch event at Reebonz's new site Reebonz City. For $35, you get to enjoy 3 course lunch ( soup, main & dessert) , learn about L'oreal's new launch skin care as well as getting some eye make up tips . That's not all! The best part is, you get to bring home the products as well! ( full size :) )

Yeah yeah, i know how those so called 'beauty bloggers' get to bring home those products for free. But I really dislike those superficial settings. It is quite pretentious to me.. sorry to say. Though I must say not all the girls at such events are bimbos..some of them are really nice people :)

So this is not a paid advertorial.. hence I DO NOT have to tell how effective these products are.. I was there to enjoy my time with my dear friends :D

So yeah, I jumped at this fantastic deal and also asked Jandy and Irene to join me :) Pity Chrissy replied me a tad late.. the deal was sold out in less than an hour..

Having attended a few of such events, paid or invited, I still prefer it to be in a classroom setting.. or a small ball room of sort. A restaurant is just not very conducive to conduct a workshop. We were seated quite far away from the main demo area.. oh well.

Decor of the restaurant..


Here's our lunch!~

Mushroom soup

Grilled Chicken ( baby potatoes hidden under)
Thumbs down.. it was breast meat
and it was very very dry and hard!
Everyone on my table had the same comment!


here's the products!

~ It was a good deal at $35 ~

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