Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Midweek yummies (I) - Good and Rich Cake Shop

Having heard so much about this cake shop near the Sultan Mosque ( Arab Street ) , I just had to try it for myself :)

Thanks to Google Street Map, I had a rough idea where the shop is located. It isn't too difficult to spot it, just that, it is not much of a shop to start with.

The blue shop front is kinda hard to miss. Do not expect a posh place and expect to wait outside the shop if there are more than 2 customers as you can't go beyond 3 steps into the shop :P It's very simple. Step in, tell the lady/ guy standing next to the fridge which flavor u would like to purchase, she'll proceed to bring them out of the fridge and pack them into the boxes for you . You pay up and that's it.

I bought two rolls that day - kaya/pandan & durian. One roll cost $6.50.

This is the kaya filling one..

Generous amount of filling . Sponge cake is deliciously soft. Keep it fresh in the fridge and only cut the amount you want when you wanna eat it.

This cake shop has been around for ages...
and yet I have only heard about them this year!
to think that I stay so near to this area.. -_-

24 Kandahar Street Singapore 198887
Tel 62943324

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