Friday, September 03, 2010

Eileen Eats Pink Dining

Wasn't in much of a mood to write anything much this week. So I guess here's another installment of Eileen Eats :)

This dinner took place last Saturday, 28 Aug. A few of us from the foodies group got invited to chill out at another friend's place . We needed to fill our tum tum before that, and since friend's place is near Tanjong Pagar, I recommended to my pals that we can go to Pink for food :)

Pink is just 3 mins from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. They serve reasonably priced western fare with a healthy touch :)

Business was brisk on a Saturday night... and the tables quickly filled up shortly after we started eating our dinner :)

Two of us had the
I like the mushroom sauce

Sharon's dinner...
Sauce was good !

Another pal had the burger....
He found the burger kinda big..
but managed to wolf it all down!
* didn't managed to take a photo of it*

Dinner isn't complete without

Low fat berry cheesecake

Low fat Chocolate Devil cheesecake

We had an hearty meal indeed...

That's me hiding behind the

Pardon me once again for the detached post..
Not quite myself :)

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