Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eileen Eats - Tea Time at Cova Paragon

It was catching up time with my dear friend, Ruth. Cova has been a place I have been wanting to try out :) It has a history of 190 yrs and it reigns from Italy.

Cova’s specialties include its wide array of pastries, cakes, breads and cookies which are freshly baked daily.

The place is set in a girly / poshy style.. with nice plush seats and pretty cakes and pastries in the display case..

we sat right next to the sweets and gifts area

the tea sets available were not exactly
pocket friendly , and I guess
being in that nice setting made me
lost my rational and I too like Ruth
went for the $18 tea set

It consist of a platter of finger snacks
plus a drink

Here's Ruth with the snacks

I would say that the food was good...
I love the mushroom canape
very much.. pity there's only
1 in the set...
* there it is.. right in front of the buns *

We get to choose a drink each...

Ruth had the mocha ( ?)

and here's my fresh apple juice

We couldn't resist the offerings they
have at the display case...

and promptly ordered a
tartufini to try after feasting our eyes
on the lovely cakes

Added a vintage feel to this photo :)

I will return to Cova to try out the other pastries and cakes
but prop.not order any tea sets again ....

Tea time at Cova is 3pm- 5.30pm

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