Sunday, September 05, 2010

It was a rainy Sunday morning...

Did you sleep through the storm like me last night? I love rainy days when there is nothing planned for the day. Love the idea of snuggling up in bed with a good book or just catching up on my fav. korean dramas on the net :P

Rainy days are a bad idea when there are lots of work to be done...for instance.. I have to attend a talk this noon with a gal friend. So now I am really two minds about going.. but I have already told her okay.

Anyway, I hope the weather will clear up soon and prepare everyone for another new week! The last thing I need is to feel gloomy !! :P


Sunday 29 Aug

Fried rice paradise, Nasi goreng very nice~!

I watched Fried Rice Paradise last sunday with Chris , Mark & Nicole.

It wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but I have to say, the songs are very catchy in this play ! It was written by Dick Lee 19 years ago :) To be honest, I am not sure if I have ever caught the play by the original cast before. The storyline seems familiar.

Pity there was no signing nor photo taking session
as it was a matinee show .
So that's us with the billboard/banner..


Do you know there is a underpass from Marina Sq that leads you to the Esplanade Mrt Station? It opened not long ago and there are two rows of shops along the underpass :)

We were exploring and saw this new cafe that serves fries with different condiments.

Here's ours!
Spicy cheese with fries :)

There are seaweed flakes as well as chilli flakes at the side for you to sprinkle on to the fries ...It's quite tasty :D Of coz there are the usual chilli and tomato sauce for the less adventurous

Rock & Ash

Rock & Ash
B1-03, Marina Square
Marina Link @ B1


I tried putting on false lashes for the first time last night!
I was bored and saw the box of lashes lying on my table..
So I decided to just try it out for fun..and ta da!

it really adds a sparkle to my eye : D


Autumn said...

Hi Eileen

I've got an upcoming bloggers event and I'd like to invite you but I can't seem to find your email anywhere on your site. Can you kindly provide your email so I can send you the invite? Thanks!


Eileen. 静 said...

Hello there Debbie..

Thanks for the invite :)

You can email me at

See you soon..


Ju Ann said...

lol sorry I mean hey eileen, your eyelash is very nice. :) dont look fake at all. :D