Saturday, September 04, 2010

Eileen n the fruit brand cell phone

I became one of the slowest amongst my friends to own a fruit brand cell phone. One of my 'complains ' about the phone would be the way text and sms is being keyed in.

You know, if not for the previous phone that was getting all conked up.. I wouldn't have wanted to make this purchase. After all, with my brother being the fruit brand user for a few years, I have long fiddled with the apps and progames somehow I was not totally excited when the M1 delivery person showed up at my door steps :P

So yeah, I wasn't in any waiting list, nor did I que up for hours just to get the phone. All I did was to make payment over the phone and arranged for the free of charge delivery service :)

Well then.. in the mean time, i am gonna head off to bed now.. Enjoy your weekend!

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