Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Eileen learns how to create ring tones ( for Iphone ) on Itunes

If you know me, I love to customize my phone and ringtones. There was even a time when I created themes for my sony ericsson phones. I am sure many of you love to have your own customized ringtones or perhaps something different from the masses out there.

So with me being a hands on person, I soon got my brother to show me how to create my own ringtones using Itunes. If you are my friend, and we have access to the pc or mac, then perhaps I can show you how to make one. But in the mean while, here's a simple tutorial video from 2 years ago that will teach you how to make one yourself!

Try it out... it's very simple :)


blackespresso said...

so what's your ringtone now? :D

Eileen. 静 said...

there is katy perry's hot and cold for my 'bff' hahaha..
another is the default one which i am using one of Jay chou's new song :) hehee