Friday, September 10, 2010

Just some after thoughts...

After spending a couple of hours at Clark Quay, it is not difficult to spot people who are dead drunk and being carried out of a club by their friends. I would not know what it feels like to be dead drunk ... it has never occurred to me to drink to that extremity. What happened to me could be worst than being dead drunk. Just a few mouthful of red wine, martinis & margarita can send me over the edge. Being sober adds on to the misery of it all. I can't reiterate how much I dislike being red all over as well as the heart racing feeling.

When I was 19-- gulped down half a mug of beer and puked thereafter

When I was 21-- drank margarita over dinner , bf drove us to movies straight after dinner, had a horrible time in the car.. threw up the minute I stepped out of his car.

When I was 24-- had all but 2 puny sips of vodka lime on a ladies' night. I was seated at the road side 10 mins later as I felt sick & had to get fresh air. Gal friend had to call one of her suitors to send me home. * big time embarrassment *

I have admit that after a few mouthful of drinks usually puts me in a lighter mood which can lead to disastrous consequences ( which i am not gonna be telling u.)

These days , I just tell people that I can't drink.. which is pretty much the truth.. I can't drink. I usually would obliged to a few sips from friends' glasses and that is it for me.

Alcohol just does not appeal to me.

How many times have you woken up not remembering how you managed to get home after a night of revelry? How many times have friends told u about the stupid things u do after getting piss drunk? How many times have u kissed people you know you shouldn't after a few drinks? How many times have u blurted things that you should not ? Or how many calls you made to your ex or drunk text some you miss telling them the stupidest things ever?

If these are the things you don't want to do, then it's best to know where your limit is.

Being in a club these days does not excite me like how it used to . Seeing stupid cheap sluts ( pardon me but no better terms describes some of these girls I know ) throwing themselves on guys after drinks do not appeal to me.

Seeing how a cheap slut throw herself at a good friend ( and how he 'reciprocated') affected me in many ways that should not have. The line has been drawn and I must keep those feelings dormant -_-


Office people and I at some boring industry event


山龟 said...

Yes, have to know our limtit when we drink, especially for girls..
But sometimes if we really want to drink and enjoy ourselves throughout the night, make sure you have someone whom u trusted beside you..

Eileen. 静 said...

Yes i can't agree more with u Ivy. Don't go over the limit if you know u can't trust those people u are drinking with.. I have seen how guys were being left lying on the road side or girls being taken advantage of after getting drunk...

it's just not worth it