Saturday, August 07, 2010

Post Birthday Celebration Part 2 --Tea Cosy Revisit

Having tried the lunch at Tea Cosy, I told myself I just have to return for the tea ..and yes, I have! I brought with me Ruth and Chris :D

This place came to mind when Chris and I were thinking of a place to relax and catch up .

Anyhow, Chris and I had the tea for 2 set and Ruth had some " serious food'' :P

Here's our tea set

Bite size cakes

Dainty items

Pretty things make me happy

Ruth ate the sandwich below....
smoked salmon :)

Ruth's the only friend who gave me a bday card this yr!
Thanks! and I love the perfume too :D

Chris used the lomo function
and snapped this.. :]

We can't get enough of
the decor :D

Thanks for the great company ladies!

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