Wednesday, August 11, 2010

National Day Weekend - Eileen Went Universal Studios

What did Eileen do over the National Day weekend?

Saturday 7 Aug

Sentosa Resorts World - Universal Studios

I admit I was quite worried when the skies turned dark and started to drizzle at 9.30am on Saturday morning. I was looking forward to having a good time with dear Jandy and Irene. We were all quite relived when the rain stopped as we made our way into Sentosa that morning :)

Some of my friends asked if I rode on all the rides in the theme park.. well. .if you know me well enough, you would have realised that me and such rides don't usually go hand in hand.. I get motion sickness way too easily..

But for the records, I did ride on the small roller coaster :) and that was quite a 'big step' for me~

Right, enough said.. here are the photos

Almost mandatory shot of the
Universal Globe

Dinos at "Jurassic Park"

Watching the show
at 'The Lost World"

There were 3 seating sectors at this
show. You'll bound to get wet if you were
seated at the first 2 sectors...
we opted for the 3rd!

See this guy.. he goes around with the
'super soaker ' filled with water...

I love these penguins from
Magadesca.. so cuddly!

I sprained my ankle in Vietnam....
so yes, I wore my ankle guard as I
strolled thru the park...

Jandy brought her nephew & niece
along too :)
The two kids had a great time
and so did the 3 of us big kids!

I didn't really snap a lot of photos
that day.. I guess partly I was impeded
by my foot as well as the weather.

oh, if you are intending to visit the theme park ,
do bring extra clothing as
some of the rides will get you soaking wet..

( I chicken out of that ride... i saw how terribly wet others got
and decided no...i don't wanna be in their shoes haahah )

Food is easily available at the park..
there are cafes and kiosks peppered
in the different 'worlds' of the park..

We had early dinner at 'Mel's Drive in'
at New York city

Decor in the cafe

This is my hamburger set..

Well.. kinda substandard..
but we were all hungry....
Look wise- passed
taste wise- failed :P

We were lost for choice :)

How about a king's throne
for $2800?

The theme park rides and shows closes at 7pm
However, as it was the weekend,
a part of the park opens till 10 pm

These were taken at Resorts World

Here's a video of one of my fav. show at the park

It has been a fun day!~

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