Friday, August 06, 2010

Post Birthday Celebrations Part 1

If you think that my birthday was over and done with just by watching the sunrise in Vietnam , then you are so wrong! * Chuckled *

My friends would never allow that to happen.. ie letting my birthday slipped by :P So yes, have met dear Ruth and Chris for quick nosh also celebrated with a lighted candle on a cake last Sunday with Nicole, Chris n Mark. Thanks guys! But it's not over yet.. still have a couple of friends to meet for a meal before we conclude my post birthday celebration :P I am blessed with care and love from my good friends !!

Here are the photos!

~~ we were browsing at Toys R Us one day
and I said I 've always like this 3 eye from Toy story
Who's to know that the Lims would surprise me with him
last Saturday over dinner !? heeheh.. ~~

Thanks Chris and Nic for this gift.. oh, Chris also gave me a
hotel chain food card already!~

As I just got back from my trip , I didn't want to stay out late..
so we met again on Sunday night..

We went for pizza n drinks at Sapphire Jewel Box
*Mount Faber *

The view is lovely and it was a very cold night
my camera can't capture
the surrounding ...their light was really dim :P

Make a wish...

hahahaa..can u see me and chris?

I guess I will try to post up some photos I took in Vietnam
in between all the birthday posts :P

Stay tune.. Have a great weekend!!

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