Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Eileen's Memorable 30th July 2010 in Vietnam

So you must be wondering how did I spend my birthday last Friday?

I watched the sun rise at the beach ( South China Sea ) and went up all the way to the top of the Jesus Monument at Vung Tau , Vietnam . It was great! The view was breathtaking :)

I managed to convince Wei Ting that we have to watch the sun rise at the beach . It's not an everyday event and we may not come back to this place again.. so might as well just make full use of our time when we were there :D So the alarm was set at 5am ( Viet timing ) and we were down at the beach by 5.15 am .

dawn break at approx. 5.15am
( Viet is an hour ahead of Singapore)

look at the big bright egg :)


We washed up and had breakfast after returning from the beach. Soon it was time to set off to another destination , popular with both the locals as well as tourists

It ia situated at a high point, and is accessible by foot.. we are gonna ascend the Jesus Monument~

can u see the statute ?
yes , we are gonna go all the way up !~

Fantastic view along the way

there are lots of statues and decor
along the way

We are almost there :D

Finally~we are inside the statue
more stairs to conquer~

it was all worth it!


Truly blessed

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