Sunday, August 15, 2010

The one who attended Singapore's 45th Birthday

Singapore is still considered a young nation as compared to other countries in the world.. and she has just turned 45 years old! It was quite a delight to be able to attend the little dot's birthday at the Padang :)

The celebrations returned to the Padang after 5 years of absence. I too attended the parade ( preview) when it was last held at the Padang in 2005. how can i not remember that day.. someone broke my heart on that fateful day.. :P It was such a bitter sweet day.. we held hands for the final time while watching the fireworks back then..

I tried balloting for the ever popular tickets this year ( i ' helped '5 of my family members to ballot too.. ) but to no avail. I was quite thrilled when my aunt gave me and my brother 2 tickets to the parade . She & my cousin has no interest, so naturally it was given to us

We arrived at the Padang around 5pm and wow, it was quite packed already. Some of these people were seated as soon as the gates opened at 3.30pm. Pity we didn't manage to secure 'good seats' but I guess I should be happy enough to attend :)

We're quite blessed to have a good weather
for the parade...
Just take a look at the sky!
The sun was shining down at us...

Trying my best to shield myself from the
harsh sun..
yup...we went prepared to be
soaked in perspiration

Here are some photos to relive those glorious moments at this year's NDP :)


there are washing machines trialling behind the van

one of my fav.part of the parade

Some of the photos were taken by my brother
on his newly aquired toy!
Meet Sony Nex-5D

Goody bag!

There were 7 designs in all..
mine was quite plain.. :/

There's a 'Fun Box'
in each bag...

The contents :)

sight and scenes

wow....she managed to gobble down
noodles! : D

the noise maker/clapper
does looks like an axe :P

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