Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dinner time @ Italiannies

This dinner took place a good 2 weekends ago :P So yeah, it has been pretty over due by my standard :P

Laziness was a big factor as to why I have not blogged about it.. plus the fact that I am in denial of my eating 'disorder' . In a strange fashion on day, I got to know about the % of fat present in my body and it was alarmingly high. I really would like to bring that amount down substantially. All these emotional eating is not helping, really. I know.

* brushed the eating issue aside *

Chris and I met to de-stress on a Sunday late afternoon. After striking out a few places to go, we settled for Ngee Ann City. But hehe..we never made it there in time for dinner. Instead, we were drawn to a relatively new restaurant at Tripleone Somerset. It is at a corner facing the Com center.

( Italiannies is a chain from our neighbour, Malaysia )

There is a on going promotion - order 2 pasta dish and get a free pizza. Our gluttony must have clouded our rationality as first of all, pasta dish are rather filling not to mention it's all carbo. 2nd of all, there were only a grand total of 3 persons- 2 adults , (ie me & Chris ) and a small person hehe...i mean a child ( ie Nicole ) . So how can we possibly finish all the food on the table?

So yes, we got carried away and guess what~? We even ordered dessert~ ( Horrors )

What was wrong with us~? Hehehe.. i guess we really did enjoy the food that day. But .. I must point out that some of the serving staff at this place really have to thank their chefs as food saves the day at Italiannies.

I see no reason why the first guy who served us did not ask the basic question as to if we would like something to drink. Most places I dined at, even if it's just a cafe, would suggest a drink or two. No..he didn't ask. In fact, we had to be the ones to ask for ice water.

Next, we were also not informed that the table which we were seated at had the horrible evening sun shinning in at us. ( we had no choice but to stay put at that table bcos part of the place was booked for a private function :S ) I mean, these people must have been working there for a couple months.. surely they know very well that there is the uncomfortable evening sun! They do not have the decency to pre empt us about it? Yes, it was us that chose that table, but I guess these people don't believe in going the extra mile... ie by informing the paying customers of the sun.

Ok ok.. enough of complains for now :p

Here's our gluttony episode in pictures~

I like the high ceiling..
* notice the cute mismatch chairs?*

Complimentary bread
Yummy with balsamic vinegar

This is the effect of the evening sun
shinning brightly at us.. :X

this is after doing some editing :)

here's the free pizza

Napoli Bianco Pizza

We wiped out most of the slices
( had to doggy bag 3 slices )
The cheese goes very well with the meat and best of all,
it is thin crusted!

beef lasagna
A very big serving!
We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cheese~
* one thing though..way too much pasta! *

This would be the meatball pasta
erm..yes, those two lumps
on top are the hugh meatballs !

The sauce was heavenly( lots of garlic!~) ,
but we couldn't finish even half the meatball .....

Italiannies is a great place to go
the words written on the windows of the restaruant
says it all.. they are meant to be shared!

The amount of left over food we had could easily feed another 2 persons!

How can we forgo dessert?
We gobbled this down

I hope they can do something with the service standard.

One person stands out among the others who gave us black faces.

It was a very cheery Indian lady that impressed us .
The rest should thank her for making our dinner less of a pain there...

TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164
tel: +65 6736 4211 Has since ceased operations


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