Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kotex Luxe Ultra Design -- Add some colors to your life! Kotex blogger event WOW!

It usually takes place when a girl turns into a young lady, when she feels a difference in her young body. She knows what is happening but it's all new to her.. yup, it's the first time she experienced her first period.. the transistion from girl to woman. Not only she experiences physical change, her thinking and mindset also changes.

Do you still remember who shared with you about puberty & menstruation? Perhaps like me, it was your mum who educated you about it.( Some mums could be shy and wouldn't go into details about why there is period) Or it could also your teacher in school during science lessons. I remembered when I was in Pri. 4, we were given a talk by some nurses who taught us more about the changes that would be taking place (in our bodies ) in the near future . Some of us giggled, some of us blushed and some of us actually had our first period already ;P

Okay, enough of reminiscing of the past~! I am here to WOW you with this wonderful great news!


The dear people at Kotex and organised an event at Heaven's loft for bloggers just yesterday :) ( Guys just don't get it~ I am sure some of you would have love to be in that was a roomful of pretty babes! )

I was glad to be able to RSVP and also roped Chris to join . We both had a fun time Wow-ing at the new products and also got to know some new friends at the event :) Incidental it was our first time at Heaven's loft.

We can't wait for the
big reveal~

Before we got on with the event proper, tea time was served! How can babes resist sweet treats and finger food ?

The event organisers also prepared
very sweet cupcakes for us to decorate :)

How can a girly event be without treats!
the red wine jello is good!

Everyone was having fun ..chatting
eating & taking photos at the "event wall"

Soon the program for the afternoon got started
We watched a short clip on Kotex before the great reveal

have you wondered why all pads are
white ? I always love pads
that have some flora embossed on them...

Guess what.. It's even better now!!

The nice marketing people at Kotex
unveiling the pretty colorful wall!~

I am telling you that
you can have colors on a product that
has always been white!!
It has been hundreds of yrs since the first napkin was produced..
and for the first time now.. there is colors!~

Kotex came out with a
Lookbook for this new
revoloutionary product

We were all thrilled to see
the colorful designs on the pad

It is also very soft & thin :)
* 2 of the impt.things for me
when choosing pads *

The all new
Ultrathin Design Pad

I guess a pad is a pad..
it is something we have to use it every month for close to
30-35 yrs of our lifes..

A dash of colors would add on to the somewhat
mundane of the usual white we have been using :)
Let's make pads a fashion statement too!~

Now..yes, I can hear u asking....
'so how many designs are there..?'

* Grin*
there are 6 different designs to choose from!
All chic and pretty!

They are all so pretty!~
You must be thinking if the designs are so nice....
the prices must be rather ex..
but no.. Kotex has kept the prices very reasonable
& affordable.. besides... there will be a host
of promotion once these lovely designs are launch ...


The afternoon fun continued on...

After the big unveil, we were told to get into different groups
according to our name tag colors :)

Chris went on to join the purple team and me, the blue .

Each team was given a part of the big plain version of the
WOW board and some craft materials to design
& decorate it to our liking :)

Here's the blue team's work of art ;D

I' peered' thru my lens at
another team's work hehee

At the end of it all, the boards were put
together to form 'WOW'

The efforts of all the girls :)
it's a bit like all of us there
All girls but all different in our own ways

And so the fun afternoon came to and end at 5pm.

We even had a scoop of
Ben n Jerry's before we leave...
how sinful is that...
but a great way to end a lovely


Each of us get to bring home
a goodie bag

here's what we got

The pads will come in handy!~

Here is the all new Kotex
Luxe Ultra Design Pads!

This is the 6 piece pack..
and u get 3 designs

Each comes individually packed
( RRP --$1.95)

Pretty!? :)
i like it!

Check out this temperature changing mug

It reveals its 'true self'
after pouring hot water in it
Gonna use it in the office!

Do keep a look out for this new product
as there will be advertisements on various media platform
as well as in stores such as NTUC , Watsons and Guardian

You can get your hands on these lovely designs
on 13 Sept '10!

But you don't have to wait too long..

The new Kotex Luxe range will be launched online a week prior to its official debut on the retail shelves, with a countdown and several interactive features on their Facebook page

It's very simple.. just click on the wow banner below and enter the code
INES for your freebie!!
( you would need a fb account for this )

you can also invite your friends to join and get the samples!

It'll take them 4-6 weeks to deliver to your mailing address
Don't wait now! :D

Here's Chris and I
at the WOW wall :)

To learn more about Kotex , menustration and Kotex's
range of products -- :

pss: yeah.. my first brand of napkins used was Kotex! :P
This brand has surely moved up with time and have come a long way since !


Miso said...

Regret not going to the invited session after reading your blog. Seems so fun!! Haha... I was too shy to attend :P

Eileen. 静 said...

Yeah.. hope to see u soon at some event!! :}

blackespresso said...

Really.. WOW hahha! So colorful and prettyyyy~ I'm a fan of Kotex too, but I use the tampons hehe :P Don't see these colorful ones in VN yet :(

Eileen. 静 said...

Not so soon dear... think they launching them in spore first... then will launch in other parts of asia :)

and no.. erm.. yeah.. i have never used a tampon in my life b4. :P