Saturday, July 17, 2010

The one who is battling with a cough

I have ten , yes, 10 days( starting today) to clear my cough and whatever * touchwood* else that might come with it . Why ten days? Coz I will be leaving for Ho Chi Minh on the 11th day! Within these 10 days, I have to throw in dinners with friends, errand running for work as well as for myself, tie up month end loose ends at work before I leave and of coz attend the long awaited 周杰伦 Jay Zhou concert!

So yea, I am not totally pleased with myself for coming down with a cough at this point in time. To be honest, I was even wondering if I would get it for everyone around me from my aunt to Christine, to Nicole, to my colleuages , to my other friends, to the strangers in the public transport I take everyday.. they all were down with cough or some kind of flu! I am like the last person to get it... >.< So tell me if I am strong or just that the virus took a long time to react.. I truely thought I could beat it.

I guess I will just take this time to lay off the unhealty food and eat light before I go off for 5 days :D

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blackespresso said...

Oh my! I'm going to Laos very soon :O I hope I'll be back soon enough and bring you to a café hehe :D:D we must meet up~