Thursday, July 15, 2010

The One who indulges -- cute and oh so sweet!

I keep falling into Miss Hello Kitty's cute trap.. ..
not just once ...but many times!

here are some obvious evidence

Lovely cake and tea set!
make a guess
Do you know what is this?


Oh yes, I finally tried the
strawberry cake from Glace


this is worth every of the $3.90!

check out the gold!


Anonymous said...

It is a ring! Heheee and oh myyy such cute things. Sigh I tend to buy things like that I junk my room all the time. They're usually pretty expensive though, for their functions. Sometimes they don't even do anything except sit there and look pretty!

Ahhh so cute things~

Eileen. 静 said...

hehehe..have to agree that they take up space in my room too! and yeah..they cost more than other brands i must say..and i bought that bottle of showergel not becoz i like the scent of the shower gel..but becoz i want the hkitty bottle! :P