Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The One at The Night Festival 2010

Having been to previous Night Festivals, I would say that I didn't quite enjoy the supposedly 'awaited' program which always takes place in front of the National Museum. This yr's theme is New World, and new world indeed was the program, Paraboles 2.0 which sees a collaboration between visuals and spacey, avant garde music.

Before I tell you more about the large scale music and visual performance, I would also like to point out that I was really looking forward to another tongue in cheek art installation ( which allows us, the so call audience to participate ) , Abusement Park . It was somewhat cheesy and a bit lame. Basically, it is modeled after a typical amusement park with playing booths and booths where u can purchase stuff. Since it is the abusement park, there was a booth selling mock ' human meat', a booth where u can get a 'spanking' and also fortune telling booth amongst other rather slap stick and perverted ( quite tame ) booths.

Don't even mention that dungeon tour.. I actually ' donated' $2 to get 10 abusement money as we needed the fake money to either use at the booth or enter the dungeon. Okay, it wasn't all bad, I quite like the fake money..

In all true silly sense, some of the people in the queue at the Abusment park got their ID s checked. That's because it's M18, only those aged 18 and above were granted entry. Well, * wipes tears away with a Kleenex * Liz and I had no problems getting in unfortunately The stupid masked guard said we are okay to go in. ha ha.

Okay..enough said... here are the visuals :D

Entrance to the park

Donated $2
in exhcange of these fake money
( tokens lah )

they altered the $2 note hehe

The mock human meat booth
( upon close inspection,
it's bean curd skin )

Drink from the Fountain of Youth...

morbid doll head

Liz and I spent roughly about 25 mins there before
we got really bored and went to the flea market at SAM 8Q

I happened to see Ong Keng Sen ( he and theatreworks curated this new world theme) at the Abusement park at SAM.. should have told him the abusement park was abit lame..

One fun installation was the slowest sms billboard The idea was to get people to sms to a certain number and the artists would randomly but selectively choose an sms to display for all to see.
Hugh billboard :)

Must have been tiring for the people working on the site.. moving around to place the letters :P

Street art around SMU

As the time approached 10.30pm,
we made our way to the National
Museum to catch the performance...

by then, Liz has already gone home and I was accompained by Christine
Mark and Nicole. We were all very egar to watch the gig, so much
so that we squeezed our way to the front, only to
be disappointed later.
( We were not too impress lah. It's just our own opinion, we can't speak for the rest )

'satellite dishes ' used as screen to project visuals ..

the visuals changed according to
the 'conductor' and music that was being played

Don't they look like big color contact lens?

A different effect...

So yea, the visuals and graphics changed time to time
and there are 4 musicians playing on
various instruments

Unlike previous years, we didn't stay till the end....
we exited after watching for 10 mins
Many others made a beeline to get out of the crowded area as well..
we were not the only ones who were not impressed.

the empty street :)

( kinda regret not visiting the National musuem
just realised there were other exhibits inside..)


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