Sunday, July 11, 2010

we love Despicable me !

we love Despicable me !

This is a great animation movie for all ages!

It tells the tale of a villain , Gru, who has been superseded by a younger villain. So Gru tried to surpass him by accomplishing something deemed more powerful than the younger villain. In the process of doing so, he adopted 3 cute little orphan girls and eventually he turned over a new leaf as the girls managed to win his heart.

This is Gru

Gru's voice is played by Steve Carell ( of The Office , The 40 yr old virgin etc ) He is one of my fav. actors.. albeit little irritating at times to see him being the idiotic boss in The office .

It was full house when we watched it on Friday night 11.15pm at Cineleisure . Nicole was the only kid in the whole cinema :P All 6 of us laughed from the start of the movie to the end. The minions were so cute!
the 3 girls

this is my fav. of all 3 girls
She's soooooooo CUTE!

How can you not like the yellow minions

So yea, we really enjoyed this movie.


We took photos with the Minions at the
cineplex :)


k0k s3n w4i said...

whoa, intimidating disclaimer xD

"it's so fluffy i'm gonna die!" - agnes

and that's about all i came in to say xD

Eileen. 静 said...'s not intimitating.. i got 'bullied' couple of yrs i put that up :P

hehee..yes.. "it's so fluffy i gonna die.." she is so cute~