Saturday, June 26, 2010

The one who wandered to The White Rabbit

I have always love the quiet charm of Dempsey on a slow weekday :) It's great to spend a couple of hours with good friends chatting over lunch or tea, away from the busy , noisy city.

This time round I met Karen for lunch and she suggested White Rabbit as I casually mentioned it to her the last time we met :)

Both of us have been good friends since our poly days and even though we may only meet 2-3 times a year, our friendship still remains intact and the converstation flows with ease each & every time :)

So yea, we had lunch at The White Rabbit. I am sure some of you have heard of this place. The premise where it is now used to be a church. It's one of those countryside church with a high ceiling and very nice stain glass windows :) The flooring at White Rabbit I believe were the original flooring of the church. The mosaic tiles has a old school charm to it.. ( I forgot to take photos of the floor..too engross with our chat )

I love the bamboo arch entrance

Old( building n stain glass)
meets new ( lighting )

The flavorful onion bread

Both of us chose the set lunch

Set lunch consist of a starter, main and a dessert. There are a few choices for you to choose from for each course.

Starter -Salmon

I wish there were more salmon!

Main- Rack of Lamb

The meat was tender and I would say
a little more flavor to the sauce would be nice .

Karen's main
stuffed slice chicken
* can;t remember the name*
quite decent

We both ordered the recommended
White Rabbit Creme Brulee
served with berries
*should have ordered two different desserts
so we can share..*

Some of the sugar layer was too burnt..
overall serving size was big
we couldn't finish

Taste wise.. a tad sweet but
thankfully there were the berries

I wish we had more time at the White Rabbit...
Lunch is from 12-2.30pm.

We overstayed till 3.15pm as we got there about 1.45 pm :)

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kenwooi said...

i like the way the create the name.. with all the joints.. =)