Saturday, June 26, 2010

Concert - The Irish Chamber Orchestra

Venue - Esplanade Concert Hall

Date - 22 June 2010

I was treated to an evening of popular classical tunes as well as some Irish folk pieces last week when the Irish Chamber Orchestra was in town for one night of performance.

My 2nd aunt was invited for the concert, but decided to give the tickets to me :) So I went with my 1st aunt. The seats we got were great! Stall seating 11th row from the stage :)

They played a popular all time favorite in the first half- Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Dermot Dunne the accomplished accordionist joined in as well with the orchestra. Personally I love the 2nd half of the concert. There was Vivaldi, one of my fav. composer . The pieces chosen were light and easy tunes to listen to and the accordion was like a fresh breath ! Lovely to see his fingers working arcoss the key board ..
The music director with
the accordionist

It was a delight to see how much they enjoyed playing on the violins and cellos.. * which made me super gulity *

They played two encore pieces, one of them being the favorite tune of my aunt as well as the lady seated on my other side.. they started humming to it..much to my chagrin, coz i wanna enjoy the orchastra's playing.... oh, the tune was Londonderry Air or aka Danny Boy :)

It was a wonderful evening.

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