Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Short Weekend post ( mostly of food! )

To do list for the weekend :

-- Transfer D drive photos in my pc to the portable disk drive. and clean up those that I don't want. They are taking up far too much space..

-- Delete unwanted programs & installed games.

-- Do a thorough scan.

-- clean up my room

Okay, before I go on to complete my to do list, here is a overdue entry :P

I haven't been able to catch up with my dear friend Alicia due to our work plus her tight schedule. The only time we were able to meet were during the weekly gamelan practices. Even that came to a halt as we both took a hiatus from gamelan for a couple of months.

* I realised I never fail to explain a whole chunk before I get to the main point..hahahaa *

So finally we met after all these months.

It was tea time at Orioles cafe ( Pan Pacific service appts/ 313 somerset )

We shared a couple of desserts plus the fries :)

This is the rum and rasins
sticky pudding

Pudding a tad sweet but eat it
with the ice cream..passable

2nd dessert
homemade tiramisu
quite light.. i like it :)

Orioles is well known for
their coffee art
this is Alicia's cuppacino

Here's my cafe mocha

We love the fries :)

rosemary parmersan wedges with garlic mayo dip

and we took toilet pic...
*ahem* that is taking photos
in the toilet..


more of what I ate...

strawberry yogurt ice cream
Haato at Thomson Plaza

Dinner few days ago with Chris & Mark
We had the 猪杂汤 at Lavender

i love the soup..
the vinegar egg is Chris'
All these are shared by 4 of us :)

This is my fav!!
Chris loves it too

Steamed meat with salted fish

Can u spot the earrings on Nicole's
ears? Yes.. this vain little god daughter of
mine has pierced her ears!

She is one brave vain girl!!

leaving u this weekend with
my camwhore pic..

love the mabelline mascara i am
wearing. and the glasses made me
look kinda cute and nerdy at the same time
( so said my friends )


deedee said...

omg i want all those desserts!! rum and raisins... tiramisu... yogurt ice cream... i want them all! *ROAR* =x

Eileen. 静 said...

go go eat when u are not battling with naughty students :D

山龟 said...

I thought u put on fake eyelashes, haha...
Mabelline masacara not bad ya, nice!

Eileen. 静 said...

hello 山龟! Good to see your comment :D

would u believe if i tell u i have never put on false lashes b4? hahaha.. yeah.. i tried for fun at home.. but failed. but last week.. i just bought a the good glue from sasa.. so wish me luck and hope i succeed in wearing false lashes soon! hehehe

oh yah..maybelline quite good.. been using for few yrs liao

山龟 said...

Compare to mascara, I would rather use fake lashes, is so much easier, haha..

OK ok, show us ur photo with the 'blink blink eyes" once u have succeeded... :)

blackespresso said...

Finally your blog loads for me!

Love the new theme.. and so delicious food :(

Eileen. 静 said...

Glad u like the new theme! oh..oops..i hope it's not coz i changed my theme which caused the issue for u.