Friday, June 04, 2010

Eileen and her sistas dinning at PS Cafe

We finally met for dinner~

You may say it's only dinner with a bunch of friends..why am I so happy? That's because some of us have not met in months, and it's really quite rare that we four can sit down for a meal together ! :D

Dinner took place at PS Cafe ( Dempsey ). We sat in doors as outdoors might proved too humid for us all, not to mention I don't quite like uninvited guests ( think 6 leggy, with wings and some can be pretty tiny ) dropping by during meal times :P

The outdoor seating does look inviting though.. so I would say yeah..go ahead and indulge in the romantic cozy setting :D

Here's us and our dinner
( we shared 2 mains )

BBQ Ribs
Tender and melts
in your mouth :~~D

Mushroom & Chicken Penne

Truffle and olive oil Fries

Such a sinful indulgence


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