Sunday, June 06, 2010

Afternoon tea with my fav. duo

Venue- Orchard Hotel ( Orchard Cafe )
Afternoon Tea ( 3 pm - 5 pm)

Was able to meet Christine for some tea last week and because this dear friend has recently signed up for a card that allows us to get discounts at the respective chains of hotels ( F & B as well as room rates ) . She presented me with one too as an early birthday present!!
~Thanks Chris~


Let's see what's there to eat at the afternoon tea

~Laksa , mushroom pastry
sashimi, abalone and prawns ~

Variety of bite size food

We were in 7th heaven
when we realised there was Durian Pengat!!
Thumbs up!

more sweet treats

cute presentation
of durian cake

There's always room
for more desserts!

Happy nom nom..

Just check her out..
posing just like the banana !~ :D

I got her to pose..
she's a young fashionista!

Normal price for afternoon tea

I get 20% off with the card :)

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