Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Date-- 29 May 2010 Saturday
Venue-- Pasir Ris Park
Occasion- Office BBQ and Booze Night

The weather was wonderful for a day at the beach :) It was the suggestion of one of my new colleague to have this bbq. To say that organizing a BBQ is hard work is quite under rated. It is in fact very tiring as well.

This BBQ was one of the rare ones which I stood in front of the pit/ grill barbecuing! I also helped in the preparation! * gives herself a pat on the shoulder *

The theme of the bbq was very simple -- have fun, eat, drink and get drunk. The last two deosn't pertain to me since I don't alcholic drinks for me pls.. :P and I seriously hate the idea of being drunk. Ok...enough of me.. let the photos do the talking now...

Lovely lovely sky
Doesn't that cloud looked like a dragon
soaring in the skies ?
( took this in the train )

the skies threatened us with a overcast
but thankfully no tears were shed :D

my bitchy
beachy getup ..
( hat is not mine :P )


we even had cheese fondue
Coz we actually got a stove and a pot to
melt the cheese!

Skewered prawns, squid and stingray parcels

I prepared this :D

This is really good
sprinkle herbs, put loads of garlic
and grill it!

We bonded and had fun

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