Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The one who loves clouds

It's the last day of June and wow, half a year has gone by. Are you ticking off the things you have accomplished on your 'To Do' list, or you have not even started? It'll be July in a couple of hours, it's not too late to start now :)

Anyway, it's midweek ! With all the World Cup frenzy going on, I'm here to bring you some sort of relaxation :P Sit back, relax and enjoy some of my cloud photos :D





These are just a small part of my cloud collection...
I am somewhat in love with clouds.

It brings me much joy to look up in the sky and spot a
gem in the sky...


Kinda off topic..
but just wanna share this

Marina Bay Sands officially opened last week..

I managed to catch them doing some sort of rehearsal the
day before they opened


Where did you watch the World cup ?
At home? At the pub? Perhaps the coffeeshop

I watched a few matches at
the community club!

To be more specific, I watched it at the CC near
Hong Lim Park
( best part is.. it's free!
just bring your own snacks :)

The lights were dimmed..
they used a projector to screen the match..
wonderful big screen

This was taken after a match 2 wks ago..
everyone has left..

chairs were a plenty,
so i used one to prop my legs up...hehe

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