Wednesday, May 05, 2010

picked up ( in another context ) by a cab driver..

The blistering heat was slowly creeping it's way up to my tired body ( and i can feel my skinny jeans sticking to my chubby legs. Why? surprise that there are skinny jeans for my size? ) as I stood by the busy road side under the intense heat , waving my hands wildly to get the attention of any passing cabs. After a short wait ( which still seems like eternity) , a city cab pulled up and stop by my side.

I hopped in without much thought.. the cool air was a welcoming comfort. My make up have long oxidised & melted. After informing the cab driver( in his early 40s? hair not too neat and wearing polo tee ) of my destination, I proceeded to have a catnap. After having a quick wink of 4 mins or so I thought, the cab driver acted upon his own decision that he needed someone to talk to.. and who else did he choose? yeah, who else but me.

cab : wah, miss, the weather very hot hor ?'

me :' yeah.. very.. '' keeping my reply short, hoping it could stop driver from talking , but it did not work.

cab:' so u going home ah? you go chinatown shopping ah?

me: no, got things to do there related'

cab: oh, I thought u go there shopping. Very hardworking u... weather so hot u still have to go out. you wear like that not hot meh?

me: yeah. hot. * damn, stop looking at what i am wearing.. just drive ~ !*

this is roughly what we chatted about... very mindless and redundant to me

He left me alone after a short pause but started yakking again as the cab approached the exit of the tunnel ( yay,reaching soon .. can ditch this cab driver )

cab : miss , you later taking cab or bus or mrt ah? later you going home or going back to work?

me: dunno yet, depends what time i finish my work.

cab: later here very hard to get cab.. i come fetch you lah? my shift ending , i can come back to pick you up at chinatown point.

I kinda got his drift but of coz act blur.

me: no need lah.. i can always call a cab .

cab: never mind, call cab expensive, u take down my number. 9xxxxx145, my name is alex. What is your name miss? Next time you need cab, u can call me anytime, i can also call you for coffee right?

I was thinking, okay better pretend to take his number down, who knows what will he do if i dun , afterall, he is the one behind the wheel.

cab: you give me a miss call lor so i know it's you. what is your name ah?

me: oh, i am karen. okay, thanks. later i see how lah.

Finally the cab came to a stop at Chinatown point taxi stand.. i whipped out my cash and paid him.. got out and got rid of alex :p

He was obviously trying to kill two birds with one stone.. firstly, he can get my number, and secondly, he can earn my cab fare. Not too professional I thought..trying to pick up a passenger at work.. to think that i have minimal make up on :P

* before you start to think that i am's not that.. I would have given my number and be friends with him if it was in a different situation. * i mean a girl's gonna do what a girl's gonna do. i just have to protect myself :)

ps: i guess this driver is trying to project a good customer service by" going an extra mile "


kenwooi said...

lol.. yeah, must be something else on his mind.. =P

Eileen. 静 said...

eek.. hahaah ... :P

Miso said...

He did ask whether he could ask you out for coffee :P Ulterior Motive... Hmmm...

Kelvin said...

He is toooooooo "friendly" for a cab driver haha XD

Eileen. 静 said...

Miso- yeah.. i kinda got a shock.. and wondered should i complain against him..but realised he didn't do anything except offering me his number lol

Kelvin- too good of a customer service isn't it. :P he really wants to go an extra mile :P