Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Finally we've met.. @ Tea Cosy

I was lying on the bed, day dreaming on a sunday afternoon when I saw a mail notification on facebook. I managed to pull myself out of bed to read the mail..

Fast forward to several hours later, there we were, at the discussed location , waiting for the cute girl to show up :D

I would not keep you in suspense too long.. Julian and I finally got to meet the sweet girl whose blog we have been reading for a couple of yrs :D I am still wondering why I have never met her before during our active stomp days . hmmm..our cirle of friends from stomp were different then.. and even when I was invited to join their outings.. i declined coz i was too shy heeheh ... guess that could be why :X

Did I mention she speaks with a slight American accent? Nothing pretentious or whatsoever, it's just her. Cute :P

Here's she :P

Hey Jade , I just hope Julian the policeman & I didn't startled you in any way .. hehehe.. guess we were just happy to have finally see you in the flesh .

Lunch was at this cafe place - Tea cosy which double up as a retail shop filled with lots of angels and a mish mash of vintage furniture. Each set of table and chairs differ from one another and it just gives us a very warmth feeling.

Tea cosy serves a mixture of food items ( some self created ones like laska pasta.. wanted to try that actually.. ) and they also have afternoon tea sets. Pity we miss the timing for the set lunch.. it was quite econimically priced...

Thanks to Julian for this shot ..
taken while waiting for Jade
we love the decor and the checkered table cloth

So there she is
( ignore my tube dress..
the inner black part shouldn't be see)
pixie looking isn't she ..

Here's J & J.. Jade and Julian
hmmm.. if Juilan has a daughter..
is this how it will be like ? haaha

We were quite famished by the time food arrived

Jules and I both ordered
Bangers & Mash

Jade's Grilled Chicken

love this
+ lychee breeze+
Looks like martini , no?

How old school
look at the saucer that came served with
Jule's latte..

Some shots of the place..

cherub angel

It makes you just wanna spend the
whole afternoon there..

I will be back here for tea soon~

i wanna sit at the far end
the next time :D

Read Jule's entry : )

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juleslife said...

Hmmm I think you meant to say young girlfriend! Muhahahaha!