Friday, May 07, 2010

photo log-- brother's gadgets and things that matter :D

~ Photo log ~

My brother's latest toys :D

Okay, the new big mac isn't very new.. been around for few months already. It's great for watching movies and sometimes youtube .

Me and Amazon Kindle
cool.. now I can keep up with
some literature classics :D

A 'scary' portrait of
poet Emily Dickinson

It is quite easy to use.. but not light weight..
yet, it is able to contain so many books at the same time
you can zoom in to enlarge the words..


It has been months since she has moved into her new apt.

finally i got to visit her and
had the nice company of her hubby and parents :D

Thanks for lunch~

would have love to show u photos of her apt..
well..maybe in another 6mths' time :P

view from the 12th storey

and forest fire?
it was an extremely hot day

i love this

and suddenly,
the weather changed

i met a cheery girl at her place


lok lok
road side stall
along the car wash street ( JB )


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