Friday, May 07, 2010

An evening at Animal Farm

My O levels literature text came alive in front of my eyes. The scenes & characters I was once upon a time familiar with was portrayed by a wonderful cast :)

Lim Yu Beng , Pam Oei were great as Napolean and Squealer . Denise Tan was funny as Mollie and Yeo Yann Yann put up a great show as Clover the horse. Slouching their backs, fingers becoming trotters, legs becoming hoofs, it must have been tiring and aching after doing this for couple of weeks. Hats off to these actors :D Ah, did i mention that most of their bodies are in pretty good shape :P

Well, they had rather minimal costume for their roles as animals .. so we got to see some of their bare torsos : P

Gotta thank my aunt for giving me the pair of complimentary tickets.. it was pretty last min. so who else better to treat other than me and my brother ? :D

of coz the story was being localised ...
there were political references thrown in

Kinda pity Boxer the horse
He was faithful to Napolean to the very end...
" if comrade Napolean says it, it must be right''

There were lots of propaganda
peppered in Animal Farm and even when the other animals questioned
the actions of the pigs, the pigs managed to find reasons and excuses to cover them up

From the first scene, we saw how humans shed their clothes and became animals.
At the last scene, we saw how those animals don on clothes again , even acting like humans...

Kinda bitter to see how Clover in her old age succumb to
feeding off a human's hand and even allowing him to pet her...

My text!
yes i still have the book..

I was still using my previous chinese name

my doodles..
one is napolean..the other snowball

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