Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nando's Bugis -Tender but cold chicken , interesting presentation though..

My aunt and I were deciding between ajisen ramen and nando's. at 6.10pm. We decided on Nando's, after all, it's a new establishment and it looks bustling inside. There was no queue at all and we were seated after 2 mins. We were sandwiched in between a dating couple and a bunch of teens. I must say the tables were rather close to one another so dun expect any privacy . oh , the first time I came across Nando's was in JB.. and what caught our attention in JB was the rooster mascot! :]

There wasn't much of an ambiance during peak hour like this. Plus it was noisy and hard to get the attention of the servers. I noticed it was the same for other tables .. as in trying to get some service from the wait staff. But i guess it's understandable given that it was full house at that time.

Anyway, aunt and I decided to share some grilled chicken thighs that is served with sun dried tomato , presented in an interesting manner! ( see photo) The next table even asked us what is the name of the item we ordered :) Aunt and I decided not to over order, so we shared the Chicken Espetada :)

Before I forget, there are different levels for the peri peri :) Even though it was our first time , we opted for the mild level after our server told us that mild hot is really not that spicy at all.

Our meal comes with 2 sides, we chose the potato with lime leaves ( -_-'' it's just baby potato with lime leaves~ and there is no marination done to the potatoes..quite a let down.. so what if there is lime leaves? ) the other side was coleslaw.. which was okay lor.

boring potatoes

Close up of
the chicken

big piece of sun dried tomatoes

Next was drinks. I was drawn to their special drinks and had wanted to order one to try. How sad was I when the server told me they ran out of Sprite as all those drinks there had to be mixed with sprite. :( i had to settle for a boring ice lemon tea while my aunt drank orange juice. Couldn't they have just got the sprite from the supermarket? okay kidding. but was 6.15pm and they have no special drinks to offer. sigh.

So we waited.. 5 mins, 10 mins, still no sight of our drinks. I had to ask the server to get us our drinks first..i was dying of thirst. So okay drinks were served . After another 5 mins of waiting, our food arrived. It was really interesting as the skewer was slightly hot when i touched it... but when i took the chicken down from the skewer, cut a piece of it, placed it into my mouth, all it took was just 2 mins. But sadly, the chicken was not really I would expect to be served pipping hot food. It seem to have been grilled and then left there for awhile b4 they serve it. But despite the ' not hot' it was quite nice.. tender . I also like the various peri peri sauces they have at each table. I love the garlic one most :)

Dinner came up to a total of $35 after tax.. I wouldn't say it was expensive but not cheap either . Sharing is only possible if both parties are not big eaters. Otherwise, pls order a set each :P


i snapped this on 5 June '10
( at 6.30 pm on a Saturday)
The Q was a snaking one.. with about
40 or more people in it..

if you really wanna try nando's
I would suggest going early like 5-6pm on a

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