Friday, May 21, 2010

The unpleasent cab ride & my feedback to the company

I know many of my friends have had horrible cab encounters. Not all of them feedback to the cab companies about their unpleasant rides.

Most of my cab rides have been nothing short of normal and pleasant. Most drivers I have met were nice and some quite chatty to the extend of one trying to pick me up. ( let's keep that for another day )

I had a horrible encounter just last week.. on the 14th of May. You can read my 'feedback ' letter to the company. My point in writing in is to highlight to the company that there are such drivers around who is putting their passengers' lives at stake. I do not at any time want to ruin their rice bowls.. but somethings just has to be done ..

++Letter has been removed++
just realised some people
could have used it as a template of sort..

no way.
write your own frigging
complaint letter!

here's a gist of what happened

{{ He doesn't seem to be sure of the roads and even ask me for directions. Upon reaching Toa Payoh, he missed the entrance to Toa payoh and had to make a big turn via Balestier.

As we approached my office building car park, he again conveniently missed a hump inside the carpark and he jam break all of a sudden which caused me to hit the front seat head rest which resulted in a slight bruise on my chin. Immdiedately I told him to stop the car and I alighted . I handed him $20 for the journey which is more than suffice given that the metered fare was $22.70 }}

I waited and waited for the phone call for days..
Finally got a reply today!

The lady who handles feedback/complains
was also appalled when she read about my encounter.

You must be wondering what will happen to this driver?
Well, the company conducted an interview w
ith the said driver,
issued him a final warning letter
( not his first time being complained! )
and gave him some demerit points.

If this man really wants to continue making a living
by driving taxi, it's high time he cleans up his act

I am just glad that something has been done..

oh, I got $20 voucher from the company

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