Sunday, May 16, 2010

Art Festival 2010 Opening -- A Fire Garden Installtion

My dear close friends would know how easily I perspire. I believe I do have a low threshold for heat. I am fine on a normal non humid day. The weather in Singapore has a mind of it's own of late. But humid has to be the key point to note here. It's fine when the sun rays are strong and they 'burn' your skin..but humidity is low and you don't really perspire. But it isn't so for the past month. It has been very humid and I perspire buckets but not enough to cool myself down since the humidity level seems to be on the rise.

So you must think that I am mad to have attended the Art Festival 2010 Opening at the grounds of Empress Place and Asian Civilization Museum ( there were more 'fire' around the Esplanade area, but we didn't venture there)

Yeah, I braved the heat to go for the art installation which had a fire theme. It was beautiful..the way the artists put fire on display :) In fact, I felt it was all very medieval , like there was some ritual going on, all that was lacking was some witch or wizard to be burned :P

Knowing how warm the area is gonna be, I was dressed in tank top and skirt :D and how happy me and P were to gulp down the free can of coke light while touring the fire garden. ( Oh yes, Coke sponsored free flow of coke light! )

Took this photo while making
our way from Circular Road

self taken

huge balls of fire

hmm.what are these?

cute huh!?
singlet lanterns~

This structure spins
around in circular motion

on looker

After 30 mins in the hot furnace,
we made our way to ACM as there is
free admission :D

ACM holds many memories for me as
our gamelan group used to play there on
several saturdays many years ago.

It was very crowded so we only visited the exhibits on the jewels
of the Mughals Empire

big diamond!

Ruby with inscription on it

Some treasured porcelain on display

cute display of the tea set

All in all, we spent an hour there
as we had to rush for Ironman 2
at 9.30pm. Wasn't as good as Ironman 1
though.. still watchable.

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