Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happy people eating at Ma Mansion

Date : 30 April 10
Venue: Parco Millenia Walk
Restaurant: Ma Manison

The decor of this restaurant has always been a draw to me. I never had the chance to dine at Ma Mansion after my first time at the Bugis branch many many years ago. It's a wonderful place for first dates, for 2 close friends to meet up, have a good meal and an intimate tete a tete .

Lately they have a promotion for families :D When parents and kids dine at Ma Mansion, the father will get a free mug of beer, mum will be served complimentary dessert and kids will receive a toy ! You get to choose from a varity of toys. How nice right? Everyone is happy at the end of the day.

The setting is very cosy and in my opinion is not a place for very young kids.. ie below 3 yrs old..unless they are well behave.

Now for the photos!
our lovely table lamp

Little helper Nicole
she helped to set the cultery
when it arrived in a basket :D

love the details!~

lots of knick knacks around the restaurant

country and rustic

Food prices are reasonable..
given the fact that they are lip smacking-ly delicious

butter & garlic escargot

very country style plates
and check out the snail :P


curry tonkastu
meat is tender and batter is crsipy!

Omu rice with mushroom n chicken
egg is still mushy and it !
eating it gives me a very wholesome feeling..
all warm inside my heart hehee

another omu rice
with beef , mushroom and onions!
lovely combo.

and here is the complimentary
dessert - ice cream


it was a very satisfying dinner indeed...

check out the happy diners

me and dearest nicole

our emo shots
i love the photo i took for chris!
i captured her at the right moment haha

I ate Ma Maison again!

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