Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eileen revisits : Ma Masion

Monday dinner with my aunt at Ma Masion
( 3 Oct 2011 )

Blame it on my toothache for the lack of postings. Yes, this dinner post is very long over due. In fact, many others are also long over due haha.

Met my aunt for dinner after her work 2 Mondays ago. While deciding what to eat around Bugis Junction, I noticed that Ma Masion has 20 % off for ladies! It's their Monday Ladies Nite! The answer was simple, Ma Masion it was!

Love the decor, the food.. the ambiance

this is my 'must order!"

Aunt had fish

my garlic chicken...

Bring this key to the cashier for payment!

We had a yummy dinner :)

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