Sunday, April 11, 2010

The day Eileen took the 小叮当 Doraemon Taxi!~

I was having a lousy day in the office. Thankfully I had to go to the airport to meet a client. Of coz I couldn't be happier than to get out :D I booked a taxi as usual.

What greeted me when I arrived downstairs was a sea of blue :D Taxi was blue ( U should know which taxi company that is ) and the interior was blue too!

I was hijacked by 小叮当 for 20 mins!~The entire taxi was filled with Doraemon stuff! It's such a delight travelling in this cab :D

I started conversting with the driver, Ivan. He told me that most of his cute stuff were bought from Bangkok and that he will aslo be putting the blue seat cover at the back seats.

hehe.. nice backdrop huh? :D
some of these toys will light up at nite
would love to take this cab again at nite!

leave me a comment if
you need to advance book this cab.

I can give you Ivan's number :)

pss: his taxi plate no is : SHA 5156B


Kristin said...

Omg so cuteee!! Whats the taxi car no.? I wanna take his taxi too. lol

Anonymous said...

How lovely......i love to see creativity like that...amazing in Singapore :)

p o o h b e a r ` ` said...

I board the doraemon taxi last week.. can i confirm with u that the taxi no is SH8761S?

i am a mass comm student, and am required to do a interesting feature story. the first person i thought of, is this taxi driver.

Is it possible to get his contact no from u? i would like to ask if he would help me out.

thanks a lot :)

Eileen. 静 said...

Hi there Poohbear

kindly drop me an email at

I will give u his contact in the mail.