Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend (1) Sunday Picnic -- Pierce Reservoir

Sunday 11 April

+++ Picnic time +++

One of my gal friends, Yoki , texted me on Saturday afternoon asking me to go picnic :D
I agreed despite the fact that I have to attend a wedding dinner that same day .

Our picnic grounds is accessible only by private transport. Yoki was able to borrow her dad's car for the day . There are no photos of my friends as the photos are not with me ... * terrible me forgot my memory photos seen here are taken with my phone*

This place has been around for 30 over years! It was opened by MM LKY in 1977 : D Can you imagine it's my first time there? It was sure an unforgettable virgin picnic trip for my friend, Eileen Ng .

Picnics are fun!
Picnics are such simple affairs

What do we have here?
Buns, potato salad, chicken bites,
cheese and crackers , salmon dip, n yam cake!

Now let me show u the scenic view :)

love the trees that line the edge

Dear baby Xenia enjoying her first picnic! She turns 1 year old today!

oh yes, while we ( 2 kids and 3 adults, all female group ) were all having a fun time eating and talking, we spotted a old monkey with an extremely long tail coming towards us. You wondering why i say old? coz it's big in size and really look old! It trotted and pranced and all of a sudden it was up in the tree overlooking down at us.

Yes, all the adults were thinking damn it, will it suddenly just jump from the tree and attack our food? With that thought in our minds, we started packing up as we wouldn't want the monkey to hurt any of the kids .

Anyway, the monkey decided it was time for him to start eating his lunch.. so he came down from the tree and stood about 2 meters away from us, looking at us pack up. Hahha. at this very moment, Eileen Ng and Yoki decided to scream ..haahha. I didn't join in as it would only make it worst.. animals can smell and sense that you are afraid of them.

No matter what, you shouldn't show that you are afraid. This monkey is kinda smart. We observed that he didn't approach any of the other groups who were there picnicing as they were big in numbers . He chose to approach us.

And yea, he showed us his sharp teeth too.. and while we were packing up in a hurry, no one bother to help us of coz, they remain frozen in their grounds , making comments and watching the commotion. Lovely.. just lovely.. don't you just admire the 'empthy' these people have ? Humans can be a pathetic lot.. choosing to only care about their own business.

So yes, we packed up in time and thankfully all the monkey was able to land his hands on were our disposable bowls and a small tub of butter.

I guess I will be bringing along my umbrella the next time I visit Seletar and Pierce reservoirs. You never know when a monkey decides to get aggressive. Better still, get more friends to go along for my picnics! :D

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