Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eileen eats Ippudo Ramen @ Mandarin Gallery

Ippudo Mandarin Gallery- 2nd overseas outlet outside of Japan with the first being in NY.

After doing my 'research' online, ie by reading various reviews on blogs as well as food websites... I decided to pay Ippudo a visit on a Thursday late afternoon.

This would be the first time I venture to the upper floors of this high end shopping enclave. It houses a mixture of life style shops to high end fashion and of course, restaurants & cafes. Jones the Grocer is there too and oh, the over blogged Wild honey which serves all day 'global' breakfast is a stone's throw from Jones . I was juggling both Ippudo and Wild honey actually, and Ippudo emerged as the winner since I don't really fancy 'breakfast at 4.30pm

No queues or what so ever ....
you must know what kind of timing to avoid :)

There are a few types of soup base you can choose from . There is the Shiromaru Classic which is tonkotsu soup ( pork ) , the Akamaru Modern which is the same pork broth but enhanced with their special miso paste ( see photo below--the red/orange paste in the middle ). There is also the Shoyu ( soy sauce ) and Ippudo Karakamenwhich is served with a spicy paste. After reading so many reviews :P it was Akamaru for me! It was served in a red bowl

You can choose to add on the egg, and pork belly ( two slices ) to your ramen ( $17 before taxes ) . The server will ask how you would prefer your noodles to be done- hard, medium or soft.. I chose medium :P I hate noodles that are too hard and soggy.. so medium seems to be the right choice and yes it was :) I finished the whole bowl :D

what's inside?

Black fungus , two slices of pork belly ( yums!) lots and lots of spring onions ( if u want to sound abit atas- scallion) speical blend of miso ( has minced meat)
pieces of cabbage

i was bowled over..

closer look at the broth
thick and flavorful
with garlic oil.

i love the soup.. it has crunchy onions in them too
i had a great time picking them out..
has three of my fav!
Spring onions, onions and garlic

I was disappointed with the egg
i had better ones
this isn't perfect...
some parts were overcooked

i would have preferred that they serve
the egg separately in a dish
and also to half the egg for us..

Decor wise it was pleasing. Mirrors made the place seem bigger
and one of the wall was don with manga drawings while another was lined with bowls

one of the feature decor -
a big "lamp' chandelier

As I was alone, it seemed impossible to be ordering any other side dishes or desserts

My late lunch/ early dinner consisted of the raman and a cool glass of ice lemon tea.
i was set back by $23 after taxes

Service was prompt and smiles were aplently
Well it may be different if it it during the peak meal time periods
During meal times :
Prepare to be seated in the communal dinning area and prepare to be overheard

Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238867

Mondays to Saturdays
Last order at 10pm

Last order at 9pm

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