Saturday, March 06, 2010

Of a random food entry

What do you do when you get all bloated after a meal? I am feeling like that now. Mind you it's not even a heavy meal. It has been a nagging issue all this while and I know I have to find out the root cause of the problem. Sometimes it does help when I drink a small cup of eno just so to get rid of the "wind" inside my tummy. Sometimes it helps after i release a burp :p

Hee..So much for that.. how bout some food pics to bloat u up now?

This was dinner two weekends ago with my family. We had dinner at a popular coffeeshop zi char stall in Toa Payoh Lor 7 market. Their fish dishes are well loved. My family love the curry fish head, while Christine loves the fish steamboat. I like both!

My aunt made a mistake of ordering this
We had no idea it was porky knuckles
and my aunt even said it was some kind of
fried meat ball.. how wrong was she haaha

check out the crispy skin...
and the thick layer of fats

Wei Jie managed to de-fat it
and nom down the skin...


This post is definitely one about oily food

It puzzles me why KFC would wanna have Portuguese
egg tart as part of their menu.
They first appeared in HK and Taiwan
and it was only this year that KFC brought this here

I actually like it.
the only thing i wanna lament about is
how oily the pastry is.

the crust is crispy and sweet :D
eat it while it's hot!

$1.30 each from KFC :D
watch out for the oily pastry

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