Sunday, March 07, 2010

Down the rabbit hole - Alice in the Wonderland

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland! I like all the details put into the movie, I love the characters, I love the 3 D effects ! You just have to watch it in 3D. The movie came alive in front of our eyes's really worth the $14 eheheeh. It's not hard to tell that alot of work has gone into the production and alot of green screen scenes too as alot of the scenes are animated.

I have always enjoyed Tim Burton's production .

Oh, Nicole joined us adults at the movie and she was apparently quite frighted by some of the scenes in the movie. I mean Tulgey wood where Alice has fallen into isn't a very bright place , plus some characters are evil.. so I guess Nicole being almost 5 yrs old is more in tune with chirpy bright movies instead of this.

Still she managed to sit thru the movie without disturbing us much :D

Just wanna share some stills and photos with you.

I like him!

The superbighead Red Queen by Helena Bonham Carter... She has acted in other Tim Burton's movies as well.. remember her in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? How about Sweeney Todd? Love them all!!

I enjoyed this scene..

The pretty White Queen's castle

tweedledee & tweedledum

mad hatter's hat...
I have always wondered what does the tag means..
and I found out it's the price tag of the hat!
10/6" means ten shillings and six pence
( olden days british $ )

Johnny Depp
as Mad Hatter

Caterpiller whose name is Absolem, smokes sheesha

my white rabbit ring!

~ Us in the cinema~

Movie photos

My outfit over the weekend


Anonymous said...

Loving the sailor top! Hehe a navy outfit goes so well with that red bag too~

And are those brooches? Hair clips? Earrings? :O

Eileen. 静 said...

thanks! those are earrings :P