Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roar Tiger Roar!-- 一山真得不能藏二虎吗??

According to Chinese customs, 人日 ( day seventh of the Lunar calendar) was the day human beings were created

You know how the saying goes -- 一山不能藏二虎 ( very literal meaning-- one mountain can't have 2 tigers ) It's real meaning is two persons can't get along with each other .. but look, as it is, I am already living with 2 tigers! I can tell you it hasn't been totally a fun journey but it is as good as it gets~! We all love a good challenge especially with another fellow tiger haha. There are a total of 6 tigers ( at my maternal side of the family. That is alot~

Cousins Joel and Weimin are born in the same yr
I am 12 yrs apart from them *_^

Are you a believer when it comes to foretelling of the future, or actually following horoscope readings? I don't, though I do read them when friends sent them to me via email. Some would say that this is gonna be a uneventful year for the tiger babies, while other readings said that tigers would do well. I just take it with a pinch of salt.

One can't have blind faith when it comes to such things. Logically speaking , your life and how it turns out lies in your own hands :) and of coz having a religion does help to a certain extend.

Ah well, so much for that. This Lunar New Year break has indeed been a quiet one for me. Besides spending time with my maternal side, I didn't really do much visiting. Valentines came and went as well with no fanfare or flowers.

My mum and I went for a 'stroll ' at the Hong Bao River after dinner on the 2nd day. It was colorful enough but not enough to wow me away. I kinda regretted ..but still, it beats having to be at home doing nothing :P

rather skinny looking tigers

This was quite impressive
Phoenix made out of porcelain spoons, cups and saucers

see how each piece is being wired up



I had a late reunion dinner of sorts with my dear friends from my gamelan group :D I was being tasked of sourcing for a good restaurant for dinner. After cancelling out my choices, we went for a feast at 老北京@ Novena ( to beat the was 初三, third day of the new year )
My 2nd lou hei of the year
Sherina and I were translating what the waitress
was saying when she added in the sauces and condiments
it is a must to say auspicious greetings when preparing for the
tossing of the 鱼生

our dear Helena is on her way
to becoming a sweet young lady!
Doesn't she look exotic in chongsam :)

We all need a hot beverage
after dinner...
check out the coffee art
It sure puts a smile on our faces

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